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The user is informed that during his visits to the site, a cookie can be installed automatically on its navigation software.

What is a cookie? ?


Definition: A "cookie" is a small text file that is created on your computer by a third party when your browser accesses a Web site that uses cookies. The files are used to help your browser browse the Web site and to fully utilize all of its features, such as identifiers, preferences, language settings, themes, among others Common features. The cookie is only used to help your browser process a Web site, it does not collect any information on your computer and it does not search your files.Typically, cookies files are stored in your browser's "cookies" file.
Usually, each file contains:
* The name of the Web site server that created the cookie
* The validity period of the cookie-for how long your browser can use the cookie information to access the Web site that created the cookie
* value  of a cookie-this unique information usually consists of a randomly generated number the server that created the cookie uses the value of the cookie to remember you when you return to the site or navigate from one page to another. Only the server that created the cookie can read and process the cookie.

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The navigation data mainly concerns the type and version of the browser used by your equipment (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.), the preferred language of use of the navigation software installed in your Equipment, the type of operating system used (Windows, Mac Os, Linux, etc.), the IP address (Internet Protocol) of a connected terminal, the URL (which may start with http://www.) of a Web page specific to the use of a service By a specified terminal, the identification and content of a cookie file stored in a terminal, the date, time and duration of connection of a terminal to an element of a Service (a page, a content, a topic, a user account, etc.).

Thus, the collection of certain navigational data is indispensable to allow you to communicate on the Internet. This is the case for the IP address of your equipment, for example.
Other navigational data must be legally maintained to enable us to ensure the security of our Services, to detect, to avoid or to trace any attempt of malicious or computer intrusion or any violation of our TOS, or of Respond to any requests from third parties authorized by law to ask us to provide them with navigation data and personal data about the users of our Services.

This is the case for the IP address, the dates and times of connection of a terminal, the Service used, the content accessed or downloaded, a click on an element of our Services, etc.

Finally, the registration of certain navigation data will be used to adapt the services to your equipment and to your use, allowing us to adapt the content or the display of our services to your equipment or to your preferences.

Who is likely to deposit cookies on your terminal and for what purpose?

COPEYRE GABARE JENY is likely to deposit cookies on your terminal to ensure various functions: allow you to browse our services, allow us to provide you and manage our services, optimize or personalize the services that are made available to you.

For example, the cookies we deposit allow us to:
-Adapt the display format of content and Services to your terminal,
-follow your browsing to identify your preferences in terms of content,
-adapt the content that you are offered Depending on the preferences raised via your browsing data,
-view the services in your shopping cart,
-you avoid resupplying personal data that you would have already provided.

We collect your browsing data as we access and use our Services. This data is intended for us and can therefore be used on our behalf, in accordance with the confidentiality and security obligations required by law.

The object of the cookies we know have functions of measuring audience, sharing and personalization in terms of content or advertising.
Measures: Audience, traffic, technical audience measurement cookies are deployed by third party partners or subcontractors in order to obtain information about your browsing. These include:
-Understand how you arrive at a site and reconstruct your route
-to recognise the number of terminals accessing a service, a page of a website, to a content of a service, in order to improve our content offer,
-to establish s statistics of attendance and/or transformation,
-keep track of the billing of our partners (SEM, affiliation, advertisers) on our Service,
-access to your user account.

These tools use technologies to trace users to a site and associate a "referrer" or campaign with a unique identifier.

Social networking Buttons


We offer you the possibility to share the contents of our Services with other people or to make public your consultation or your appreciation of the said contents by means of the functions of type "recommend" (Facebook, Google +), "Tweeter" ( Twitter), send by email...

You are identifiable by means of this button by third parties who provide them, even if you do not use it when consulting our Services. Indeed, this type of application button can allow the third Party concerned to follow your browsing on our services, simply because your account with the third party concerned is activated on your terminal (open session) while browsing our services.

Generally speaking, the length of time a cookie is valid is 13 months maximum.

How to accept or refuse the deposit of cookies on your terminal?

Cookies can be managed in different ways: depending on your preferences, you can allow them, deny them, disable them (a previously deposited cookie can only be disabled, this one will be erased only at the end of its lifetime). We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the total rejection of cookies can lead to making some of our services inaccessible or resulting in less efficient or less effective use of our services.

You can express your choices and change your wishes through your browser:

The configuration of each browser is different. It is up to you to follow the instructions of your browser editor as follows (links available at the date of updating this Privacy policy):

If you are using Internet Explorer:

If you are using Safari :

If you are using Firefox :

If you are using Chrome :

If you are using Opera :

If you are using different terminals, be sure to set the corresponding browser according to your preferences.
Social buttons.

The data protection policies of social network providers must allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, in particular by setting up your usage accounts for each of these networks.

For more information


We invite you to visit the following sites, which will give you more information as well as tools to allow you to manage cookies.

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