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The Gabare

A beautiful boat ride

Discover the valley of the Lot respecting the environment. With our 100% electric gabare, you will observe the fauna and flora around Puy l'Evêque without noise, letting you rock over the water.
Moment of relaxation guaranteed!

From Puy l'Evêque near Cahors, in the Occitanie region, we propose to discover the magnificent river of the Lot aboard our Gabare Jeny.

With a total length of 16.40m and 4.40m wide with a draught of 70cm, this gabare which was born in April 2012 is a replica of the boats used by the navigators of the 19th century on the river Lot.

It is propelled by two 100% electric motors, with a power of 20KM each and houses in its bunker 5 tons of batteries. Its hull is in aluminium covered with wood cladding. Thanks to this clean energy, the rediscovery of this part of the river Lot will run silently, without pollution of oil or fuel for the river or smell of exhaust gas.

This clean energy that induces 0 pollution and 0 C0² is therefore respectful of our environment.